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News and events


Jul 2019: Mina, Evan and Magnus from the group all gave invited talks at META 2019 in Lisbon.


Jul 2019: Inkjet-printed structural coloration by Sardar et al., published in Journal of Materials Chemistry C.


Jun 2019: Magnus participated in the Sino-Swedish Top Scientist Forum, organised by the Swedish Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences.


Jun 2019: Magnus gives invited talk on hybrid plasmonics at EMRS 2019 in Nice.


May 2019: Magnus selected as the chair of the Young Academy of Sweden.


Apr 2019: Thermodiffusion-assisted pyroelectrics, new route towards heat sensing for electronic skin, accepted in Advanced Functional Materials.


Mar 2019: Ultra wide range ellipsometry shed light on the optical conductivity of conducting polymers, published in JMMC and selected for inside cover.


Mar 2019: Tuneable ionic thermoelectrics, published in Nature Communications.


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Older news and events

Feb 2019: Greyscale and paper electrochromic displays by UV patterning, published in Polymers and selected for the cover.


Jan 2019: Review on plasmonic displays out in Reports on Progress in Physics.


Jan 2019: Review on conducting polymers out in Advanced Materials in special issue celebrating Prof. Olle Inganäs.


Oct 2018: Magnus on Swedish television discussing this years Nobel Prize in Physics.


Oct 2018: Our paper on strong coupling with nanoholes selected for supplementary cover of ACS Photonics.


Sep 2018: New paper in ACS Photonics by Evan Kang et al. on strong coupling with hybrid plasmonic nanohole arrays.


Sep 2018: We welcome two new group members: Stefano Rossi (PhD student ) and GIancarlo Cincotti (MSc student).


Jul 2018: Magnus presented our work through invited and contributed talks at META 2018, Marseille.


Jun 2018: Our article on plasmonnic pyroelectrics selected for inside cover of Advanced Optical Materials.


Jun 2018: We congratulations Hugo Ekinge who did a project in the group and now graduated from high school.


Jun 2018: We congratulate our new doctor, Elina Mitraka (co-student of Magnus).


May 2018: Magnus selected to be the vice chair of the Young Academy of Sweden for the coming academic year.


May 2018: Canyan's paper on organic fuel cells with forest fuels published in Advanced Sustainable Systems.


Apr 2018: We welcome Dr. Sampath Gamage and Dr. Ravi Shanker as new postdocs in the group!


Mar 2018: Mina's paper on hybrid plasmonics and pyroelectrics published in Advanced Optical Materials. See publications for various news stories about the study.


Mar 2018: Magnus gave a "coffee break presentation" at the Swedish parliament.


Feb 2018: We thank the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research for funding to ramp up our research with Dahlin at Chalmers and RISE Acreo on plasmonic electronic paper. 30.7MSEK in total over five years.


Dec 2017: We thank the Wenner-Gren Foundations for granting funding for an incoming postdoc.


Oct 2017: Towards reflective colour displays with hybrid metasurfaces, now in Nano Letters, with Dahlin group at Chalmers University of Technology.


Oct 2017: Transparent metasurfaces heat your windows, now in Nano Letters, with Dmitriev group, Gothenburg/Stanford Uni.


May 2017: Paper on Infrared electrochromic conductive polymer devices published in Journal of Materials Chemistry C, as part of Emerging Investigator themed collection.


May 2017: Our paper on hot electrons in plasmonic alloy nanoparticles selected for the cover of ACS Photonics.


May 2017: Congratulations to Eni Dodbiba, who successfully defended her master thesis, via TU Dresden.


Apr 2017: Paper in Nano Letters on thermoplasmonic nanoholes and ionic thermoelectrics, by Tordera et al.


Mar 2017: Magnus part of the jury for the high school exhibition "Young Researchers" in Stockholm.


Mar 2017: Hot electrons in plasmonic alloy nanoparticles, published in ACS Photonics (Valenti et al.).


Mar 2017: Ionic thermoelectric figure of merit published in Advanced Electronic Materials (Wang et al.).


Feb 2017: Supercapacitors in e-plants published in PNAS (Stavrinidou et el.).


Feb 2017: Hot paper in Journal of Materials Chemistry A, by Elina Mitraka et al. on Oxygen doping of PEDOT.


Jan 2017: Welcome to LOE Dr. Samim Sardar, new postdoc in the group.


Dec 2016: Magnus Jonsson becomes senior lecturer at Linköping University.


Dec 2016: New paper by Sandberg & Tordera et al. on optoelectronic paper with bulk functionality, produced at 100m/s. Thanks for good collaboration with Acreo Swedish ICT and Innventia..


Dec 2016: We welcome our most recent addition to the group, PhD student Shangzhi Chen.


Oct 2016: We welcome Eni Dodbiba as a new master student in the group.


Oct 2016: Review on plasmonic solar water splitting published in Journal of Materials Chemistry A.


Oct 2016: "Freestanding Electrochromic Paper" published in Journal of Materials Chemistry C.


Sep 2016: We welcome Dr. Evan Kang as postdoc in the group.


Jul 2016: Our paper on DNA knot detection with nanopores (Plesa et al.) is published in Nature Nanotechnology.

Research highlight in Nature Reviews Materials

News article at Nanotechweb


Jun 2016: MPJ gave an invited talk at the workshop on Biosensors, Aptasensors and Microbial Detection, Linköping.


May 2016: MPJ gave a keynote presentation at Biosensors 2016 in Gothenburg.


May 2016: MPJ gave a presentation at the Micronano Systems Workshop in Lund for presentation and interesting discussions.


Mar 2016: New paper on plasmon-enhanced water splitting accepted for publication in ChemNanoMat in collaboration with Prof. W. Smith.


Mar 2016: Heat to electricity! We (Dan Zhou et al.) publish the Ionic Thermoelectric SupercCapacitor, in Energy & Environmental Science.


Feb 2016: Postdoc Daniel Tordera receives the "Extraordinary Doctorate Award" for the best PhD in Chemistry at the University of Valencia. Big congratulations!


Jan 2016: Magnus is appointed docent in Organic Electronics.


Dec 2015: We welcome Mina Shiran as PhD student in the group.


Nov 2015: We thank the Swedish Research Council (VR) and the Laboratory for Advanced Functional Materials for funding for a four year and one year project, respectively.


Sep 2015: Paper in ACS Nano (Belkin et al.) on DNA sequencing with plasmonic nanopores.


Sep 2015: Paper in Nano Letters (Pud and Verschueren et al.) on self-aligned controlled dielectric breakdown of plasmonic nanopores.


Sep 2015: We welcome Dr. Daniel Tordera as new member and postdoc in the group.


Jun 2015: We thank ÅForsk for 1.5MSEK funding for a postdoc and equipment for an exciting project.


May 2015: Magnus is elected as member of the Young Academy of Sweden.


Mar 2015: Magnus recieves an Ingvar Carlsson award from SSF.

Press: LiU-nytt, Elektronik i Norden, Kemivärlden


Mar 2015: Daniel Verschueren et al. publish study on temperature-dependence of DNA nanopore translocations in the journal Nanotechnology.


Jan 2015: We thank the Wenner-Gren Foundations for new funding for a postdoc position in the lab.


Dec 2014: Paper (Yi Li et al.) published in Nano Letters on Photoresistance Switching of Plasmonic Nanopores.


Nov 2014: Paper (Francesca Nicoli et al.) published in Nano Letters on DNA translocations through plasmonic nanopores.


Oct 2014: 33.6 MSEK to organic electronics (Profs. Crispin, Berggren and more) from Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation.


Aug 2014: Magnus started as assistant professor at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics at Linköping University.


Feb 2014: Paper on plasmon-enhanced four wave mixing in nanoholes published in Optics Letters (Hagman et al.).


Dec 2013: Presentation at the MRS 2013 Fall meeting (US).


Sep 2013: We received a 2.5MUSD NIH Advanced Sequencing Technology award to further develop our plasmonic nanopore research the coming years (with prof. Aksmientiev in Illinois).

Press release University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Press release Delft University of Technology

News item: Casimir Research School

News at PhysOrg

Bliek op Niews (Dutch)


Oct 2013: Presentation at the Dutch meeting on Cellular and Molecular Biophysics (NL) and at Cutting Edge Biomolecular Science (SWE).


April 2013: Presentation on plasmonic nanopores at Imagine Nano, Bilbao, Spain and at Cambridge University, UK.


Feb 2013: Paper published in Nano Letters on optical profiling with a plasmonic nanopore and quantification of temperatures in single plasmonic nanoantennas.


Dec 2012: Our work was featured in NanoLabNL periodical. Download


Nov 2012: Delft and Leiden get 51 million euro for nanoscience.


Nov 2012: Paper published in Small on interference effects when optical tweezers are combined with nanopore sensors.


Oct 2012: Our plasmonic pore particle biosensor published in Nanotechnology was selected as editor's choice at nanotechweb.


Sep 2012: We present our trans-chip lithography method for low-noise nanopore sensors in an article in Nanotechnology.


Sep 2012: Paper on plasmonic pore particles published in Nanotechnology.


Aug 2012: The book Nanoplasmonic Sensors, edited by Sascha Dmitriev for Springer, is now available. Magnus contributed to two chapters.


May 2012: I gave a presentation at the E-MRS Spring meeting in Strasbourg.


April 2012: Two great prizes to Magnus' advisors: Cees Dekker received the 2012 Nanoscience Award from ISCNSCE and Fredrik Höök received the Göran Gustafsson Award.


Feb 2012: The Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant published an article about nanopore sequencing and the Cees Dekker lab, with a picture from the lab (download pdf).


Jan 2012: We direct protein binding to plasmonic hot spots in our paper in Nano Letters. Discussed is also how to optimize surface functionalization of nanoplasmonic sensors.


Dec 2011: In an article in Fysiktuellt you can read about Magnus' graduate research (in Swedish).


Oct 2011: Watch movie from the 2nd International Conference on Bio-sensing Technology in Amsterdam. Magnus' contribution was selected for an award.


Sep 2011: Magnus presented our work at the meeting Nanoplasmonic sensing and spectroscopy at Chalmers, in Gothenburg.


July 2011: Magnus invited to give lectures on nanoplasmonic biosensing at a plasmonics course at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland.


July 2011: Our paper on plasmonic sensing with nanodome arrays by McPhillips et al. was published in Journal of Physical Chemistry C.


July 2011: Watch canyoning movie from our group trip to Spain.


May 2011: The Swedish Research Council awarded Magnus a postdoctoral fellowship.


Apr 2011: Magnus was selected as a Wenner-Gren fellow. This fellowship from the Wenner-Gren foundations includes funding for three years postdoctoral research at TU Delft.


Mar 2011: Magnus started as postdoctoral researcher in professor Cees Dekker's group at the Bionanoscience department at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.


Jan 2011: Magnus visited Prof. Pol van Dorpe and his group at IMEC, Leuven in Belgium and gave a talk about nanoplasmonic biosensing.


Dec 2010: Magnus defended his PhD thesis December 7. In connection to this we had a nanobiosymposium, with excellent speakers, including profs. Harold Craighead, Joachim Rädler, Ralf Richter and Erik Reimhult.


Dec 2010: Our paper on Nanoplasmonic Biosensing with On-chip detection was published and presented as the winner of the Biosensors and Bioelectronics Award.


Nov 2010: Magnus invited to give a presentation on nanosensors for biomedical applications at Sensing the Future in Gothenburg, organized by Nano Connect.


Oct 2010: Magnus presented his research at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.


Oct 2010: Magnus talking about nanosensing at Astra Tech, Mölndal .


Sep 2010: Magnus gave a presentation on the promise of nanotechnology for an association for sea veterans in Gothenburg.


Sep 2010: Magnus gave a presentation on our work on nanoplasmonic biosensing at Cambridge University, UK.


Aug 2010: NanoBio 2010 in Zurich, Switzerland. It was a very interesting meeting and I contributed with a poster presentation.


May 2010: The 20th anniversary world congress on biosensors, Biosensors 2010, was held in Glasgow, UK. I presented our work in a keynote presentation and the contribution won the Elsevier Biosensors and Bioelectronics Award 2010.


Apr 2010: Magnus received a scholarship from Ångpanneföreningen's Foundation for Research and Development.


Apr 2010: Magnus received a scholarship from "Stiftelsen Längmanska kulturfonden" for the Europtrode X conference.


Apr 2010: New paper published in Nano Letters. We (Jönsson et al.) show how to form lipid membranes that span nanowells using microfluidics.


Apr 2010: New paper published in ACS Nano. We (Feuz et al.) describe how directed binding to high-sensitive areas can significantly improve the detection limit of nanosensors.


Mar 2010:

EuroptrodeX, Prague, Check Republic. Magnus presented a poster at this very nice conference on optical sensing. Laurent Feuz gave an oral presentation on our latest work (paper 11).


Mar 2010: New paper published in ACS Nano. It presents biosensing with plasmonic nanotubes and was performed in collaboration with Prof. Pollard, Dr. McPhillips and colleagues at the Centre for Nanostructured Media at Queen's University, Belfast.


Feb 2010: Our esearch and Magnus' scholarship from St Jude Medical last year was discussed in the magazine "Kärl och hjärta" 2010, issue 1 (in Swedish). Download


Jan 2010: Our work on nanoplasmonic pores was published in Analytical Chemistry.


Dec 2009: Magnus gave a presentation on nanophysics and bioapplications at the Rotary International club in Vara, Sweden.


Nov 2009: Magnus received a stipend from "Chalmersska Forskningsfonden" to be used for expenses connected to the AVS meeting in San José.


Nov 2009: Magnus gave a presentation at the AVS 56th International Symposium in San Jose, California. It was awarded second best student presentation at the divivision of Applied Surface Science.


Sep 2009: Magnus was awarded a research scholarship from the company St Jude Medical. The prize ceremony took place at the MedTek days in Västerås, Sweden, where I also gave a presentation on nanoplasmonics for medical diagnostics.


Aug 2009: Our review on lipid bilayers investigated with label-free techniques (4) appeared on the front cover of Bionterphases.


Jul 2009: Our work (first author Dahlin) on high-resolution microspectroscopy of plasmononic nanostructures was published as an accelerated article in Analytical Chemistry.


Jun 2009: John McPhillips at Queen´s University in Belfast presented results from our joint project at the E-MRS 2009 spring meeting.


May 2009: Magnus recieved a research scholarship from The Royal Society of Arts and Sciences in Göteborg.


Apr 2009: Magnus was awarded a Young Researchers Scholarship from the friends of Chalmers.


Apr 2009: Magnus gave a presention on Nanoplasmonic biosensing at the MRS spring meeting in San Fransisco. Lisa Simonsson in the group presented her recent results on lipid vesicle fusion.


Apr 2009: Magnus received a graduate student gold award at the 2009 MRS spring meeting.


Apr 2009: Our paper on combined nanoplasmonic and QCM measurements (6) was described in the newsletter from Q-Sense AB. Download


Feb 2009: Magnus gave a presentation on a combined QCM and nanoplasmonic biosensor at the 8th Q-Sense user meeting at Chalmers.

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